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We’re Hiring – Again

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In response to our increasing workload and move into our new larger office in Reigate, Surrey Stillwater Associates are looking at add up to four new reservoir safety engineers to our team:-

  • Graduate Civil Engineer (Dams & Reservoirs) – Ideally a graduate civil engineer either straight from university or with a couple years of experience in the reservoir safety industry.
  • Civil Engineer (Dams & Reservoirs) – Ideally a civil engineer with a few years of experience in the reservoir safety industry looking to progress to becoming a reservoir supervising engineer.
  • Senior Engineer (Dams & Reservoirs) – Ideally a chartered civil engineer and a member of the Supervising Engineer Panel with between 5 and 10 years of experience of the reservoir safety industry. You will need technically strong with good reporting skills and extensive design experience.
  • Principal Engineer (Dams & Reservoirs) – An established Supervising Engineer moving towards becoming an All Reservoirs Panel Engineer or just interested in leading a number of interesting reservoir safety projects.

Hermann Stehle joins Stillwater Associates

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We are pleased to announce that Hermann Stehle has joined Stillwater Associates. Hermann has more than 6 years’ experience in reservoir engineering and has spent 5 of those years in the employment of the South African National Department of Water and Sanitation. There he was involved in statutory reservoir safety evaluations and the design, supervision and management of remedial works to state owned reservoirs. Hermann’s skills include in detailed dam safety evaluations of concrete, rock-fill and earth-fill dams, hydrology, hydraulics and structural analyses. He has also gained first hand on site experience on a reservoir safety rehabilitation project where he was appointed as the engineer’s representative. In March 2017 moved to a civil engineering consultancy where he was involved in the design of new reservoirs for hydro-electric, domestic and irrigation supply purposes in South Africa. Hermann successfully registered as a Professional Engineer (PrEng) with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) in June 2017.

Hermann Stehle will be based in the main office in Reigate, Surrey and will focus on further growing his technical skills and aligning himself to best practice with regards to reservoir engineering in the UK. He will endeavour to become a member of the Supervising Engineers Panel.

We’ve moved (again)!

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(October 2021) In order to accommodate our growing team and expanding workload Stillwater Associates has moved (again!) to new larger offices premises in Reigate, Surrey.  Our new office space in Chapter House, Reigate will allow our reservoir safety team to continue to grow as we look to appoint new staff in 2022.

Jon Holland joins Stillwater Associates

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We are pleased to announce that Jon Holland has joined Stillwater Associates. Jon Holland is an experienced water engineer and project manager with more than twenty years experience in flood risk management and dam engineering. Jon’s early career focused on the design of dams for overseas hydroelectric projects. More recently he has project managed and led the promotion and design of many flood alleviation schemes involving embankments, hydraulic structures and embankment dams with grass reinforced spillways. Working for a water company Jon also has extensive experience of managing, operating and maintaining embankment dams and service water reservoirs from an Undertaker’s perspective. Jon Holland is appointed to the Supervising Engineers Panel and currently undertakes the role of Supervising Engineer for ten reservoirs in England. These include private fishing and recreation lakes, storage lagoons and flood relief reservoirs for a range of private owners. Jon Holland is based in Maidstone, Kent and will responsible for providing Supervising Engineer Services in Kent, East Sussex, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Keith Gardiner joins Stillwater Associates

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Stillwater Associates is pleased to announce that Keith Gardiner has joined the company. Keith is an All Reservoirs Panel Engineer based in Warrington. Keith is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over forty years experience (thirty of them working on dams). He is a member of the All Reservoirs Panel certificated to carry out statutory inspections and to sign off safety works on large raised reservoirs. He has worked for contractors on dam construction, and consultants on design and project management of dams and ancillary works, both in the UK and overseas. Keith was Regional Reservoir Safety Manager with a major UK water company for over 10 years, with responsibility for over 200 reservoirs. He also has extensive experience in risk assessment, the risk based management of a large capital programme; leak detection in embankment dams; reservoir surveillance and instrumentation; design of dam remedial works; design of overflow works, incident management and information storage and management. Keith’s role within Stillwater with be as an All Reservoir Panel Engineer covering northern England and northern/central Wales together whilst also providing an excellent addition to our reservoir safety risk assessment capabilities.

Floods and Reservoir Safety – Fourth Edition

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The fourth edition of Floods and Reservoir Safety is now available from ICE Publishing. This publication provides guidance on flood protection standards, flood magnitude and freeboard guidance for those who are responsible for the design and inspection of reservoirs.

Recent changes to extreme flood estimation in the form of rainfall depth–duration–frequency and rainfall–runoff models, reservoir safety legislation, and adoption of a risk-based approach to that legislation are all addressed in the fourth edition of Floods and Reservoir Safety.

Floods and Reservoir Safety should be read in conjunction with the latest revision of the FEH, in particular those sections that apply to reservoir safety flood inflow estimation.

Floods and Reservoir Safety is essential reading for those individuals appointed to the All Reservoirs Panel of engineers qualified to design and also inspect reservoirs in the UK.

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Floods and waves protection standards
Section 3: Derivation of reservoir design flood inflow
Section 4: Reservoir flood routing
Section 5: Waves, wave overtopping, and dam freeboard
Section 6: The overflowing and overtopping of embankment dams
Section 7: Floods during dam construction and dam improvement work

Prescribed Form of Record for a High-Risk Reservoir – Now available

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HR Prescribed Form 2
The Prescribed Form of Record for a High-Risk Reservoir has been updated to incorporate all the latest modifications to the Reservoirs Act 1975.

All reservoirs that are re-categorised as ‘High Risk’ should now store information in this format. Paper copies of the new format Prescribed Form of Record can be purchased from ICE Publishing here

Several new sections have been added with a revised contents list as follows:
Part 1 – Water levels and depth of water
Part 2 – Leakages, settlement of walls or other works and repairs and instrumentation readings
Part 3 – Persons having a function in relation to the reservoir provided for by the 1975 Act
Part 4 – Flood plan details
Part 5 – Access, capacity, etc.
Part 6 – Dam, reservoir wall or embankment
Part 7 – Catchment and standard average annual rainfall on direct and indirect catchment areas
Part 8 – Spillway works: their type, location and level, and the safety provisions made in connection with their operation
Part 9 – measures taken in the interest of safety or that might affect safety of the reservoir
Part 12 – Certificates, reports, directions and referees
Part 13 – Re-use, abandonment and discontinuance of reservoirs
Part 14 – Drawing register
Part 15 – Instrumentation at the reservoir
Part 16 – Extent of opening of valve, gates and penstocks

If any need any assistance completing your new format Prescribed Form or would prefer to store the required information in an electronic format then please contact us to discuss your requirements