David Littlemore

Company Director / Supervising Engineer

About David

David Littlemore has over twenty years experience in dam engineering, engineering geology and geotechnical engineering covering principally the study, planning, detailed design and supervision of remedial works of existing embankment and concrete dams. His work has also involved undertaking slope stability and seepage modelling and analyses of embankment dams, the design of flood alleviation and river enhancement schemes, pipework and valve rehabilitation, reservoir discontinuances, and earthworks operations together with all aspects of planning, design and supervision of ground investigations. David Littlemore is currently appointed to the Supervising Engineers Panel and currently undertakes the role of Supervising Engineer for 25 reservoirs throughout England and Wales for a variety of Undertakers. David formed Stillwater Associates in 2008.

Nathan Walding

Supervising Engineer – Wales / Reigate

About Nathan

 Nathan is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 15 years’ multidisciplinary and international experience in civil, marine, hydraulic, structural and dams and reservoirs engineering working as a Consultant, Client and a Contractor. He is a Supervising Engineer appointed to the Supervising Engineers Panel under the Reservoirs Act 1975. Nathan’s specialism is in reservoir safety and dams and reservoirs engineering. His experience was gained whilst working as a consultant (Arup) for 10 years on numerous reservoir remedial works schemes and then as a Dam Safety Engineering Manager for Welsh Water. In this role, Nathan was responsible for the asset management, operational surveillance and delivery of capital investment schemes to assure reservoir safety and the legal compliance of 18 large raised reservoirs under the governance of the Reservoirs Act 1975 in South West Wales. Nathan has also spent 2 years working as a Principal Engineer for a specialist civil and marine engineering contractor and in this role was responsible for carrying out engineering inspections and planning and delivering major infrastructure improvement projects in challenging environments that include reservoirs, docks and harbours, rivers and estuaries. Nathan is based in South Wales but also works out of the Reigate Office, his role within Stillwater Associates is as Principal Engineer and Supervising Engineer covering Wales, the Midlands and South West England, whilst also working nationally on the design and construction of dams and reservoir engineering projects.

Keith Gardiner

All Reservoirs Panel Engineer – Warrington

About Keith

Keith is an All Reservoirs Panel Engineer and Chartered Civil Engineer with over forty years experience (thirty of them working on dams). He is a member of the All Reservoirs Panel certificated to carry out statutory inspections and to sign off safety works on large raised reservoirs. He has worked for contractors on dam construction, and consultants on design and project management of dams and ancillary works, both in the UK and overseas. Keith was Regional Reservoir Safety Manager with a major UK water company for over 10 years, with responsibility for over 200 reservoirs. He also has extensive experience in risk assessment, the risk based management of a large capital programme; leak detection in embankment dams; reservoir surveillance and instrumentation; design of dam remedial works; design of overflow works, incident management and information storage and management. Keith is based in Warrington and his role within Stillwater will be as an All Reservoir Panel Engineer covering northern England and northern/central Wales together whilst also providing an excellent addition to our reservoir safety risk assessment capabilities.

Martin Airey

All Reservoirs Panel Engineer – Near Stockport

About Martin

Martin Airey is a technical specialist in dams and hydraulic engineering which has included extensive feasibility studies, detailed design and supervision of construction. He is a member of the All Reservoirs Panel of Engineers qualified under the UK Reservoirs Act. Martin has had overall responsibility for project delivery, technical quality and commercial performance on major projects both in the UK and overseas within the dam and reservoir engineering sector.
At Stillwater Associates Martin is an All Reservoirs Panel Engineer serving primarily the Midlands, North of England, Wales and Scotland undertaking statutory inspections and Qualified Civil Engineer overseeing design and construction of remedial and upgrading works.

Henry Hewlett

Technical Reviewer – Reigate Office

About Henry

Henry Hewlett has over 35 years’ experience in the study, design and project management of water supply and flood alleviation schemes, flow control structures, fluvial and tidal river works, asset management studies and reservoir safety works. Until 2016 Henry was a member of the All Reservoirs Panel of Engineers under the Reservoirs Act 1975 and has extensive experience in the design, construction and inspection of dams. He has been responsible for the management of numerous water distribution network analyses and has co-ordinated teams of architects, landscape architects, ecologists and scientists involved in the planning, design, environmental appraisal and construction of water-related schemes. He has also co-authored CIRIA reports and various technical papers on reservoir related topics. He was the Hon Technical Secretary of the British Dam Society, responsible for co-ordinating the technical affairs of the Society.

Clifford Harrison

Supervising Engineer – Yorkshire & the North

About Clifford

Clifford Harrison has 

David Brown

Supervising Engineer – Midlands

About David

David Brown has spent much of his career as a canal engineer, having worked for the Canal & River Trust and its predecessor the British Waterways Board since 1983. He was appointed to the Supervising Engineers’ Panel in 2000, joining BW’s Reservoir Team in 2005 and leading it from 2006 later until 2020. He continues to work part-time for the Trust as a Supervising Engineer. His appointments have included many of the canal reservoirs in England and Scotland. He takes a great interest in the history of engineering and is a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Panel for Historic Engineering Works. He is a Fellow of the Institution.

Richard Smith

Supervising Engineer – Yorkshire & the North

About Richard

Richard Smith has over thirty years experience in operation and maintenance of existing embankment dams. His work has also involved project management of reservoir safety works required under the Reservoirs Act, pipework and valve rehabilitation and reservoir discontinuances. Richard has been on the Supervising Engineers Panel since 1991 and currently undertakes the role of Supervising Engineer for 8 reservoirs in Yorkshire.

Tom Wanner

All Reservoirs Panel Engineer – Reigate Office

About Tom

Tom has 20 years’ experience in the civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering fields with expertise in earth and concrete dam design, inspection, risk assessment, dam filter assessment, geotechnical investigation and construction supervision. Other areas of experience include flood hydrology and hydraulics geotechnical engineering and structural assessment.  Tom is an All Reservoirs Panel Engineer and over the past fifteen years has worked solely in the dam engineering field in the UK and Australia managing many large water supply, flood storage and tailings dam projects involving design, investigation, risk assessment and construction and has worked on projects in the UK, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Tom’s wide experience in civil and geotechnical engineering has been of particular value to conceptual and feasibility studies for dam projects and for many projects he has been responsible for the full scope of large projects from site investigation through to the detailed design, tendering and construction phases.

Frank Lawson

 Technical Reviewer – Yorkshire

About Frank

 Frank Lawson has over thirty years experience in dam engineering, operation and maintenance of existing embankment and concrete dams. His work has also involved the design and construction of flood alleviation and river enhancement schemes, pipework and valve rehabilitation and reservoir discontinuances with Rofe Kennard and Lapworth, Yorkshire Water and then Arup. Following his retirement from the Supervising Engineers Panel Frank Lawson now undertakes reservoir safety assessments of non-statutory lakes and acts a technical reviewer of other Supervising Engineer’s work.

Alastair Elder

Reservoir Engineer  – South East

About Alastair

Alastair Elder has over 35 years’ experience in the water industry on the project management, study, promotion, procurement, design and supervision of construction of water supply, flood alleviation and river engineering, dams and reservoirs, drainage and wastewater schemes. He has coordinated multi-disciplinary teams including planners, civil and M & E engineers, architects and landscape architects, scientists and ecologists. Mr Elder has been a Technical Assessor for the Drinking Water Inspectorate and a named Reporter undertaking certification of submissions to the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) for two water companies.
He has been responsible as Director for major water and wastewater schemes; river engineering strategies and projects; water resource studies; post project appraisals; asset management planning; annual safety inspections from three major dams in Botswana; due diligence assessments; a major privatisation project in Papua New Guinea; advice to private water supply undertakers; provision of expert evidence. Particular projects have included: Testwood Lakes bankside storage scheme – environmental assessment, promotion, design and site supervision; various Environment Agency term consultancies, including assessment of effects of Jubilee Line tunnelling on R Thames flood walls and the study, design and implementation of flood defence projects; MAFF post project evaluations. Alastair has worked on projects in the UK, Africa and Asia.

Alan Rogers

Supervising Engineer – Midlands & North Wales

About Alan

Alan Rogers has worked in the UK Water Industry for 25 years and has over 18 years’ experience of project management in civils capital, and revenue maintenance, of water retaining structures; tanks, service reservoirs, water towers and earth embankment dams. Alan has been a member of the Supervising Engineers Panel under the Reservoirs Act 1975 since 2010 and has experience of supervising impounding earth embankment reservoirs and large concrete and masonry service reservoirs. Alan has extensive experience of managing, operating and maintaining embankment dams, service reservoirs and water towers from an asset owner’s perspective.

Julian Smith

Consultant Hydrologist

About Julian

Julian Smith is a Civil Engineer and Hydrologist with wide experience of the water industry in the UK and overseas, including river modelling, flood analysis, flood alleviation works design, reservoir spillway analysis and design, water resources analysis, analysis of steady and unsteady flow in pipe networks and sewerage system modelling. He has audited water company submissions to OFWAT as well as assisting in their preparation.
Recent projects undertaken include: 1D/2D hydraulic modelling for Cogges Link road project including drafting of Proofs of Evidence and Rebuttals for CPO Public Inquiry; hydraulic analysis and design of drainage for Medmerry managed coastal defence realignment scheme; review of EA schemes including Salmons Brook scheme and WFD projects in the Sussex Ouse catchment; flood calculations and spillway assessment for more than 20 reservoirs; surface water source yield assessment for South East Water.

Jon Holland

Supervising Engineer – Reigate Office

About Jon

Jon Holland is an experienced water engineer and project manager with more than twenty years experience in flood risk management and dam engineering. Jon’s early career focused on the design of dams for overseas hydroelectric projects. More recently he has project managed and led the promotion and design of many flood alleviation schemes involving embankments, hydraulic structures and embankment dams with grass reinforced spillways. Working for a water company Jon also has extensive experience of managing, operating and maintaining embankment dams and service water reservoirs from an Undertaker’s perspective.
Jon Holland is appointed to the Supervising Engineers Panel and currently undertakes the role of Supervising Engineer for 35 reservoirs in England. These include private fishing and recreation lakes, storage lagoons and flood relief reservoirs for a range of private owners. 

Hermann Stehle

Supervising Engineer – Reigate Office

About Hermann

Hermann Stehle has more than 6 years’ experience in reservoir engineering and has spent 5 of those years in the employment of the South African National Department of Water and Sanitation. There he was involved in statutory reservoir safety evaluations and the design, supervision and management of remedial works to state owned reservoirs. Hermann’s skills include in detailed dam safety evaluations of concrete, rock-fill and earth-fill dams, hydrology, hydraulics and structural analyses. He has also gained first hand on site experience on a reservoir safety rehabilitation project where he was appointed as the engineer’s representative. In March 2017 moved to a civil engineering consultancy where he was involved in the design of new reservoirs for hydro-electric, domestic and irrigation supply purposes in South Africa. Hermann successfully registered as a Professional Engineer (PrEng) with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) in June 2017.

Hermann Stehle will be based in the main office in Reigate, Surrey and will focus on further growing his technical skills and aligning himself to best practice with regards to reservoir engineering in the UK. He will endeavour to become a member of the Supervising Engineers Panel.

Graham Yarwood

Supervising Engineer – South West

About Graham

Graham Yarwood has over forty years’ experience in water, sewerage and flood defence works. Since 1990 Graham has been appointed to the Supervising Engineers Panel where his work has focused on dam engineering, operation and maintenance of existing embankment and concrete dams including flood defence works for the Environment Agency. Graham Yarwood remains appointed to the Supervising Engineers Panel and currently undertakes the role of Supervising Engineer for 9 reservoirs for a variety of Undertakers including South West Water, Welsh Water and some private estates.

Stephen Goode

Reservoir Engineer  – Midlands & The North

About Stephen

Stephen Goode has been a Reservoir Supervising Engineer since 1985 when he was appointed to supervise 35 of British Waterways (BW) reservoirs in North West England. He has also acted as Supervising Engineer for a number of privately and publicly owned reservoirs since that time.
Stephen retired from his post as Head of Water and Environment at BW in 2011, where he was responsible for a team of hydrologists, SCADA and hydraulic engineers, hydraulic modellers, ecologists and environmental scientists. He was also responsible for the Reservoir Safety team who provided supervision of BW’s 92 reservoirs. Earlier in his career Stephen spent 12 years in the operational management and maintenance of BW’s canals and associated embankments.
Prior to joining BW in 1983 Stephen worked in the dams department of Sir M MacDonald and Partners on the design of the 55m high Asprokremmos dam in Cyprus and spent a number of years abroad on various civil engineering projects. On graduation in 1973 he had worked as a structural engineer for Ove Arup.

John Laing

Supervising Engineer – North East

About John

 John Laing has over 40 years experience in dam engineering, operation and maintenance of existing embankment dams and concrete service reservoirs.  He has been involved with feasibility, design and construction for matters concerning items in the Interests of Safety and remedial and maintenance work to reservoirs.  His career has involved working for water companies and consultants including Northumbrian Water, Arup and Amec Foster Wheeler.  He has been appointed to the Supervising Engineer Panel since its inception.  John is currently Supervising Engineer for nineteen reservoirs ranging from large impounding reservoirs owned by Northumbrian Water to small privately owned reservoirs.

Louise Shaw

Supervising Engineer – North Wales

About Louise

Louise Shaw is a chartered civil engineer and has more than fourteen years experience working with reservoirs in various roles from contractor to client employee for monitoring and maintenance.
Louise qualified as a Supervising Engineer under the Reservoirs Act in 2016 and is based in North Wales. She supervises statutory and non statutory reservoirs in England and Wales for a variety of clients.
Her work includes outline design for practical solutions, contract supervision on site and quality management of design and site works. She has a wealth of project management experience in the practicalities of achieving maintenance and refurbishment works to reservoirs including within Snowdonia National Park.  

Chris Peck

Supervising Engineer – South East

About Chris

 Chris Peck has twenty years experience in leading and managing multidisciplinary teams on reservoir projects. These positions involved coordinating all engineering activities from identifying issues, through option assessment and design to construction.
His work also involved the design of pumped raw water storage and potable service reservoirs and pipelines, managing design, technical advice, general management and supervision
Chris Peck is currently appointed to the Supervising Engineers Panel and undertaking the role of Supervising Engineer for numerous reservoirs in NE London, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.