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Prescribed Form of Record for a High-Risk Reservoir – Now available

HR Prescribed Form 2
The Prescribed Form of Record for a High-Risk Reservoir has been updated to incorporate all the latest modifications to the Reservoirs Act 1975.

All reservoirs that are re-categorised as ‘High Risk’ should now store information in this format. Paper copies of the new format Prescribed Form of Record can be purchased from ICE Publishing here

Several new sections have been added with a revised contents list as follows:
Part 1 – Water levels and depth of water
Part 2 – Leakages, settlement of walls or other works and repairs and instrumentation readings
Part 3 – Persons having a function in relation to the reservoir provided for by the 1975 Act
Part 4 – Flood plan details
Part 5 – Access, capacity, etc.
Part 6 – Dam, reservoir wall or embankment
Part 7 – Catchment and standard average annual rainfall on direct and indirect catchment areas
Part 8 – Spillway works: their type, location and level, and the safety provisions made in connection with their operation
Part 9 – measures taken in the interest of safety or that might affect safety of the reservoir
Part 12 – Certificates, reports, directions and referees
Part 13 – Re-use, abandonment and discontinuance of reservoirs
Part 14 – Drawing register
Part 15 – Instrumentation at the reservoir
Part 16 – Extent of opening of valve, gates and penstocks

If any need any assistance completing your new format Prescribed Form or would prefer to store the required information in an electronic format then please contact us to discuss your requirements

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